Sunday, July 18, 2010

List of Shorter political in the world

1st first short political
Mexico 137 cm Benito Juáre shortest world leader. Read more
2nd second short political
Italy 143 cm Renato Brunetta Italian minister.Read more
3rd short third political
United States 148 cm Robert Reich Secretary of Labor. Read more
4th fourth short political
People's Republic of China 148 cm Deng Xiaoping Paramount leader of China.Read more

5th fifth short political
Philippines 150 cm Gloria Macapagal Arroyo President of the Philippines.Read more
6th sixth short political
Australia 152 cm Daniel Deniehy century Australian politician.Read more
7th seventh short political
Italy 153 cm Victor Emmanuel III of Italy King of Italy.Read more
8th eighth short political
United States 163 cm James Madison Shortest US President. Read more
9th ninth short political
Soviet Union 163 cm Joseph Stalin Leader of the USSR.Read more
10th tenth short political
England 165 cm King John King of England.Read more
11th eleventh short political
Japan 165 cm Emperor Hirohito The Showa Emperor of Japan.Read more
12th twelfth short political
France 165 cm Nicolas Sarkozy Shortest president of France.Read more